Firm Profile


At ODL, our mission is to provide the area’s most outstanding accounting services in terms of both the client experience and the end product. ODL engages with Central PA individuals and businesses, large and small, to manage their money safely and intelligently. Our team-based, technology-enhanced approach to accounting ensures that each client will be presented with well-supported, innovative solutions. This gives peace of mind and transparency, and helps our clients maximize their potential and achieve their financial goals.

Team Approach

Our team of dedicated professionals and support staff is large enough and experienced enough to meet the most complex of business or individual needs, yet small enough to deliver a personal experience. At ODL we use a team approach, as needed, to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for each client.

Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves in delivering the most positive experience for our clients.  As such, ODL has invested in advanced technology with three main goals:

  1. To respond to client queries in a timely and thorough manner

 2. To connect with clients quickly, easily and safely, including sending, receiving, storing and accessing data on-line. (With many of our clients, we have a paperless relationship.)

  3. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data collecting and reporting, leaving more time for our CPAs and accountants to explore solutions and personally engage with our clients.


With over 30 years of accounting and financial experience, ODL understands that change is the norm.  Now more than ever, we are seeing changes in laws and regulations, increasing competition, market disruptions, and new technologies.  With great diligence, we stay on top of the changes impacting both our industry and yours so that we can provide you with the best solutions possible. We understand the challenges that small and medium-sized business owners face, and we're here to help your business succeed. ODL is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our clients. When you succeed, we succeed.

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